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The Tribe

noun - a social division in a traditional society consisting of families or communities linked by social, economic ties, with a common culture, typically having a recognised leader.

Space to Workout? Check.

Activewear? Check.

Playlist On? Check.

Now what?


The Tribe is perfect for those who have all the tools but struggle with motivation, perhaps lack knowledge or are simply looking for a bit more guidance with their training.






How much is it?

£40 per Month. No Commitment, cancel anytime.

What do I need?

- Either a Pair of Dumbbells or a Kettlebell (Or Gym Access)

- A Pair of suitable running trainers (obvs)

- A smartphone

Is there a deadline to apply?

No! You can join, cancel, rejoin as you wish!

I'm not a runner or not confident with running. Will I be able to do it?

Absolutely! Catered to all abilities, runs will be programmed according to your 'RPE' so no matter your experience you will be able to achieve results!

Is it available worldwide?

Absolutely. Near, far, wherever you are! You can even take it with you on holiday!

(whenever that might be)

  • Structured programming via an App

  • 2 x Strength Workouts per Week

  • 2 x Run Workouts per Week

  • 1 x Mobility Sequence per Week

  • 1 x Conditioning Workout per Week

  • Ongoing support via Whatsapp with other Tribe Members

  • Weekly Check-ins for accountability

No available programs
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